Weirdest Sculptures in the World

I’ve always wondered what makes art art. I’ve seen plain blue squares hanging on the walls inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. If that’s art, anything can be art, right?

This rule seems to be especially true when it comes to sculpture. The idea, I gather, is to take something ordinary, something people never think about, and make a really huge version of it and put it in a park. Once you do that, it’s suddenly art. Or you take something really annoying that people see every day, something they don’t want to deal with at all, like a stop light for example, and you put about six hundred of them all in the same spot. Suddenly, they’re art.

The other extreme is to bring the most nightmarish visions imaginable to life. Splice animals and humans together. Sculpt people eating babies. That’s art. Or, you take something people normally think of as garbage, like junk cars, and arrange them in a field so that they vaguely resemble a famous monument, and suddenly, they’re art.

I’m starting to understand what makes art art. As long as people either pay or go out of their way to see something, it’s art. That said, below are some exemplary pieces of art.

strange1Hyperrealistics by Patricia Piccinini, from

strange2Mystic Carhenge, Nebraska, USA, from

strange3Man in Water, Sweden, From

strange4Die Badende, Germany, from

strange5Traffic Light Tree, from Squirmelia, at

strange6Skeletons in Love, by Peter Kelly, at

strange7Photo by Andrew Bossi, at

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