DMCA (Content Removal Request)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which has come into effect in 2000, is intended to prevent internet pirates from circumventing access controls or/and copy restrictions on works protected by copyright. Section 512 of DMCA in particular provides against monetary damages to, hence monetary liability for service providers that might occur as a result of the infringing activities of their users or third parties on the Internet.

Respecting the intellectual property and in accordance with the DMCA provisions, Circle Post requires its users to so as well. If one believes his work to be copied and made accessible on Circle Post in a violation of the copyright, or there are links contained in the website or references to another online location, which would appear copyright infringement, the party concerned is required to duly notify Circle Post via its copyright agent. According to the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act of DMCA, section 512, the notification should contain the following information:

  • ┬á Either a physical or electronic signature of the person entitled to act on behalf of the party concerned;

  • Identification of the work allegedly subjected to copyright infringement; in the case of multiple works at a single site being included in one notification, a representative list of these works is required;

  • Identification of the material that is considered to be copyright infringement, which either should be removed or whose access should be disabled, as well as sufficient information that would allow Circle Post to locate this material;

  • The address, including email address if available, telephone number and other information that could allow Circle Post to contact the party concerned;

  • A statement by the party concerned that the use of the material they complain about is not being authorised either by the copyright owner, their agent, or the law;

  • Finally, a statement by the party concerned that they act on behalf of copyright owner, and that the information contained in the notification is accurate.


Under certain circumstances and at the discretion of Circle Post, the Website will either suspend or terminate the access of its subscribers, account holders and users who violate the intellectual property regulations, in particular the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Please send the Copyright Infringement Notification to: CopyrightNotice [@] circlepost . com
We will remove the allegedly infringing content upon receipt of a valid Notice ASAP.
We will also notify the user, writer or webmaster who posted the allegedly content on

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