18 most interesting and unusual world wedding customs

We all need a partner in life and some of us eventually find that special someone and get married. And while cutting a cake or tossing a bridal bouquet seems conventional the World is a diverse place with a multitude of wedding customs, some of which would seem gross, scary, or weird to a Westerner. But no matter that it takes to survive through a marriage ceremony a happy life together afterwards is that is important.

1. Shooting a bride to ensure a happy marriage? This is how people of Yugur culture in China see it. A groom must shoot his bride with a bow three times, with no arrowheads surely, and then to break all three arrows for a loving marriage.

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2. For a Scottish bride and a groom humiliation is a part of a wedding ceremony as it is believed that such treatment will make them humble in a long married life and will help withstand whatever comes there way. The tradition is called blackening of the bride and if in the past a girl alone had to go through with it, currently a bride and a groom do it together. They get to be pelted with a spoiled food, tar, trash and then are tied to a tree.

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3. Another tradition from China requires a Tujia bride to cry for an hour each day a month preceding a wedding. Then, after ten days when she has no tears left her mother and later her grandmother support her by crying with her.

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4. A Korean groom needs all his stamina to prove his strength and character during a wedding ceremony as his feet are being beaten with a fish or a cane.

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5. A young Indian girl is called a manglik and is considered cursed if she was born when planets Mars and Saturn are both in the 7th house. She is believed to bring an early death to her future husband and in order to ward off the curse she is first married to a tree or an animal.

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6. Just after a wedding a french couple must drink leftovers from a chamber pot to receive strength before a wedding night. As of now leftovers are replaced with chocolate or champagne.

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7. While a bride from Ireland is dancing with her new husband she must always keep her feet on the ground or she might be taken away by evil fairies.

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8. A german tradition of Polterabend requires wedding guests to bring all sorts of porcelain as gifts for a new wedded couple to ward off evil spirits. The couple in return smashes all the dishes and then working together cleans up all the mess.

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9. Another kind of endurance tradition is practiced during a wedding on Borneo by the Tidong people. To avoid a marriage doom, infidelity or a death of children a couple must also avoid using a bathroom for 72 hours. Newlyweds, therefore, are given only small amounts of water and food and are home bound for 3 days after a wedding.

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10. During a wedding ceremony in India a groom not only loses his heart, but also his shoes. As soon as a groom removes his shoes during the wedding vows bride`s female relatives snatch them away under watchful eyes of his kin. Later a groom must beg his wife`s family for a return of his shoes in a form of money or favors.

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11. To find a partner for life and set a wedding date young Daur people from Mongolia have to kill and dissect a chicken holding a knife together. If they discover that a bird has a healthy liver a wedding date can be settled upon, otherwise they must keep searching for a healthy chicken liver, but with different prospective mates.

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12. In some parts of the world, Papua New Guinea for example, a marriage is still considered a commercial transaction where a bride is paid for in shells and pigs. A ΓÇ£ low qualityΓÇ¥ bride can fetch approximately two pigs, but a woman of a higher standing can ΓÇ£costΓÇ¥ up to 30 pigs.

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13. Instead of praising and showing affection a Masai father from Kenya spits on his daughter`s head and breast as she is leaving with her husband in order to avoid bad luck and tempting a fate.

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14. A kidnapping of a bride is a tradition of the past in most cultures that used to have such custom. But it is practiced in Romania, at least as a ritual. A man is considered worthy of a woman he captured if he is able to keep her by his side for at least two days.

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15. To prove his true love and commitment in marriage a groom-to-be from Fiji has, literally, to go deep. He has to present his future father-in-law with a whale tooth. If he is unable to get it on a black market then he must procure it directly from a mouth of a whale. That is a real proof of a true love.

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16. To ensure prosperity in marriage a greek couple must perform a ΓÇ£money danceΓÇ¥ while wedding guests throw bills at them.

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17. In Western culture a wedding night is considered an absolutely private event. But in some African villages a newly wed couple is followed by an older woman into their bedroom. In some cases it can be a bride`s mother who is there to ΓÇ£teachΓÇ¥ a girl.

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18. A wedding in Congo is not a laughing matter. In fact it is taken so seriously that a groom and his bride are not allowed to smile the whole ceremony.

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  1. yes is nice to read different traditions with their customs.but according to our tradition .one of the mafwe tribe in namibia,see map,location at katima mulilo,bride and groom .they will be in a courtship for more than two to three years ,not even see each other.and the most interested thing is that,elderly people they have to taste the characters of both the bride and the groom,advice them on how they are going to manage their own married after marriege.then they start pay the lobola,as the open of meeting,after they have discuss they are going to ask the man first do you love your wife.if yes ,then they say take her to your home,be multiple and be blessed to god .then off they dispense.thats my tradition in our culture as mafwe .

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