17 things you should never forget

There are things in life we should never forget but in everyday battles sometimes we got lost and we lose them or forget what exactly the value of life is. A couple of images may suit you well along with a couple of words.

1. Real friends wonΓÇÖt leave you no matter in what mess you are.

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2. Real friends will first check how are you and then they will start laughing at your fail (this is applicable only to hilarious experiments).

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3. What looks like fiasco can be a great success in different context. Just change the perspective.

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4. You can never be too old for the swings (you can only be too big or too heavy), have fun no matter of your age.

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5. DonΓÇÖt allow the environment to change you, change only by your own desires.

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6. Your soul is inside you; donΓÇÖt stop looking for it because even in the greatest deserts, there are oases.

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7. Beauty is sum of a lot of small things that seem insignificant alone, gather as much as you can but even if itΓÇÖs only one donΓÇÖt give up on it.

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8. Reach for another living creature; this is how connections are made.

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9. Life is colorful; enjoy it in every shade, occasion and form.

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10. When you choose direction, follow your way no matter how many turns it makes. You will eventually reach your destination if you donΓÇÖt give up.

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11. Great pray depends on you ΓÇô your strength, your motivation, your desire and not on last place ΓÇô on your patience.

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12. Greet often, even people you donΓÇÖt know, you donΓÇÖt know whose day you may brighten.

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13. Sometimes you need to put your future on first place. This doesnΓÇÖt mean you need to hinder everybody else.

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14. Creativity is great gift but it can also be mastered, try.

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15. Smile has brought more friends than enemies; sad face wonΓÇÖt bring you anything good.

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16. ΓÇ£ParentsΓÇ¥ ΓÇô the only persons who can carry you on their back and murmur about it without leaving you.

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17. Choose your friends by personality, not by color, shape or size.

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  3. Wonderful pictures with inspirational illustrations. I will begin to apply them to my daily living and share with others through pedagogy teaching.

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