15 amazing and dangerous roads and drives of our planet

We drive a lot every day. From home to work and back, but rarely do we pass such luxurious in its scenery or risky roads and passes. Here are 15 amazing and dangerous roads and drives of our planet.

The Overseas Highway, also known as the Seven Mile Bridge, connects Florida Keys and is one of the longest bridges in the World.

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The top of Tianmen Mountain in China can be reached either by a cable car or Tianmen Mountain Road.

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The White Rim Road in Utah is only accessible by a 4WD and while there is no civilization along the way it takes few days to complete. Do not forget your water.

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Highway 1 in California takes you along, perhaps, the most beautiful coastline in the USA.

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James Bond fans would definitely recognize the Furka Pass in Switzerland. This scenic drive through the Swiss Alps was used to film the Goldfinger.

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Red Rock Scenic Byway in Arizona is truly a museum under open sky. it`s views of the red rock mesas and the Mingus Mountains are breathtaking.

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A name of this drive in Chile and Argentina is Los Caracoles Pass, which in English means ΓÇ£Snail`s PassΓÇ¥. A perfect name for such a road.

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The Road of Death as locals call North Yungus Road in Bolivia is considered the most dangerous road on Earth.

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The Guoliang Highway in China is carved inside a mountain.

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Does not matter which road you take along the Italian Amalfi Coast: the views will be stunning.

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This mountain drive in Norway called Trollstigen does not allow vehicles longer than 40 feet and 8 inches or 12.4 meters.

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Col de Turini road of French Alps is a part of the Monte Carlo Rally.

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The Chapman`s Peak Drive in South Africa offers amazing scenery of the coastline.

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Stelvio Pass in Italy is one of the highest paved roads in the Alps and is consider the best road in Europe.

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Karakoram Highway connects China with Pakistan and is the highest paved international drive on the planet.

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