10 Weirdest Restaurants On Earth

10 weirdest restaurants on earth. This list contains ten strange and bizarre restaurants around the world. Do you know weird abnormal restaurants? Let us know in the comments…

10. Beer Spa Restaurant, Czech Republic – Drinking Beer While Relaxing In A Bathtub
9. Asia SF Restaurant, San Francisco – Full Of Delicious Female Performers
8. Sushi Restaurant, Los Angeles – Eating Sushi From Body
7. W’Duck Toilet Restaurant, Portugal – Sitting On The Toilet While Dining
6. Hobbit House Restaurant, Manila – Staffed By “Little People”
5. Guolizhuang, Beijing – Eating Penises
4. Robot Kitchen, Hong Kong – Staffed Partly By Robot Waiters
3. O’Noir Restaurant, Montreal (Canada) – Eating In Darkness (Blind Wait Staff)
2. Hilton Resort & Spa, Maldives – Eating Underwater
1. Sky Restaurant, Las Vegas – Eating In The Sky

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